What I want for year 24


I want to write more personal stuff here.

I want to come back to my original plans for this website which was: holistic health, food and most importantly, my mind. A place where my mind can rest its thoughts and think aloud. I have got very used to the negative thinking pattern where I have a good idea or a personal venting session I need to express but instead I think ‘nope, not worthy for publishing’. So I avoid my website tab for weeks… MY own blog. So I’m going to be working on that, for real.

I am sitting cross legged on my bed, I just wrote a new recipe for Peaceful Dumpling. My mom got me new sheets and a new 100% cotton comforter that I picked out. I am thankful and oh so comfy right now. My boyfriend is snoring peacefully on my left and my cat is at the foot of my bed clearly enjoying the new comforter as well. My stomach hurts because I ate too much. I had a clusterfuck of veggies for dinner: leftover roasted beet salad with apples and sage, leftover roasted potatoes and veggies AND a $5 vegetable teriyaki dish with brown rice from this strange sushi place..So yea…veggie overload.

24. I feel young, anxious, yet hopeful.

24 is my favorite number. I have no idea why. I decided when I was very little that it was ‘my favorite number’ but there is literally no significance behind it which has me thinking that maybe when I was a young kid my sub-conscious knew that this would be a wonderful year? I sure hope so.

24 will be organized. I have been avoiding organizing as long as I can remember but this past year I have realized that it helps me SO much mentally when I organize my thoughts, food, workouts, day etc (I’m still working on the whole ‘organizing my room’ thing)

24 will be motivating. These ending winter months have been so damn up and down! I want to really manifest motivation and CONSISTENCY this year, not being a dick to myself but also not coming up with excuses as often as I do now.

24 will be brave. I want to do the things I have conjured up in my head, in my journal, in my ‘to do’ lists.. I want to start the engines of things I’ve been wanting to start and make the things I’ve been wanting to make. For me, that means being brave because it takes risks and guts to have the possibility of failing right in front of me. It means using my time more selfishly and navigating my focus!

24 will be creative. Shine. Crack. Heal. Color. I want to be dramatically creative this year. Like I said above, it involves being brave enough to be vulnerable. I recently read Glennon Doyle (love her) talking about how she started playing guitar and singing even though she ‘sucks’ at playing guitar and singing. Isn’t that a crazy idea? It sounds so simple and it IS so simple yet our brainwashed minds tell us we can’t do the things we want to do because ‘we aren’t good enough’. That’s harsh but we probably do it on a daily basis. I want to say no to those voices this year and express whatever needs to be expressed through whatever vessel I want the expression to swim through.

There is a lot more I want to manifest for 24, but those are the main four ideas. I hope 24 triggers new ideas and beginnings with some extra self-love sprinkled on top. & I hope all who are reading this find hope in yourself, too.

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