Take Control, We Got This. [Eating For the Anxious: Part 10]

Today I decided that next year I am going back to school to become a registered dietitian, RD. This is a BIG revelation/decision for me, as I had insisted to myself that I would never need to go back to school (this will be my fourth school and fourth major, mind you). But hey, feelings change, goals change and I believe with a serious intensive education (cause oh boy it’s going to be intense) I can have the opportunity to help more people. Not only will I be open to more opportunity but I can combine a formal education in nutrition with my holistic education and essentially be a well rounded holistic dietitian/nutritionist. In the mean time I want to get some experience working around my nemesis..modern medicine..that’s a joke! I know modern advancements in medicine save lives on the daily and I totally respect that. I want the experience so that when I have clients coming at me from various medical treatments and diagnosis I know more about where they are truly coming from so I can treat them best, with nutrition and holistic healing of course!  Anyhow, enjoy this little recap, I’ll be working on more ideas for more posts and recipes : ).

I’m sitting here, legs crossed on my couch. My laptop is on my legs, on top of my favorite stuffed animal (a pig, wearing pajamas, her name is Maggie) …(I really need a lap-desk). I have my robe on backwards (arms through the front) and my cat is snoring, in a deep sleep, right next to me. I haven’t showered… nor have I put on any deodorant due to a shaving accident that resulted in a swollen lymph node in my armpit. I stink. I’ve been sick with a cold, which has disrupted my daily routines, creating a lot of anxiety for me. I have a chai tea with me and my phone keeps distracting me, I suck at focusing. I’m hungry, but lazy. My foot is sleeping now, I hate when this happens.

Why am I telling you this? Because this is real life. I have a firm belief if we all started being more honest, our collective anxiety will simmer down. To try to depict an ignorant image of pure control and bliss would just be dishonest on my part. I believe that when you vocalize or create art or content based on your feelings, you simultaneously let it go. This blog series took a lot out of me. I’m new to this, the whole ‘creating content’ thing. While this series was about healing anxiety through holistic ways, I, myself, cultivated a large amount of anxiety for this project during the process.
What I learned was that I need to take my own advice, don’t we all?

I learned SO much while doing research for this series, but learned even more about myself and how I handle stress. It feels nice now that it’s over…but to be honest I am going to miss this. I am addicted to knowledge and have been inspired to put more content out there. I am so insanely passionate that sometimes it hinders me from diving into something. Well..I dove, and I didn’t sink! I hope that if you are also struggling to cultivate an energy to put content out there (no matter what it may be) that this inspires you a little. These posts in this series came from someone with anxiety and extreme self-doubt. Not someone who has all their shit together.
I’m rambling, aren’t I?

My point: I only desire that my passion and honesty leaks through these posts and you find some healing. I know I will be using these for my own benefit.


I hope that this series has shown you that there are SO many other ways to combat anxiety naturally. Start by learning to cook, if you haven’t already done so and find what routines work best to manage your own anxiety.

-Practice making oatmeal, grains and stir-frys

-Start with a 10 minute yoga practice every morning and before bed

-Try out different teas to find what calms you best

-Meal prep anti-anxiety snacks in advance to kick cravings and relax

– Investigate what herbs and supplements you may be willing to experiment with

– Get yourself some Lavender oil !!! (not sponsored, just my fave)

– Use my anti-anxiety grocery list on your next shopping trip to cultivate ideas!

There is so much beauty in Eastern healing modalities. It’s not the stuff they teach you in school, or the stuff your regular doc will tell you, but the knowledge is out there!
Find it, keep it close to your heart and stay calm.
You got this
We got this



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