The Power of Rituals and Routines


I always disliked structure. For the majority of my 24 years I would do everything possible to avoid anything that was planned, timed, made into lists, routine or structured. Thinking back now, I realize this might of been the rebellious nature of my freedom seeking soul before I found balance. I wanted no borders, no rules…a life with a complete ‘go with the flow’ attitude.

As time went on, I found that I struggled greatly trying to find any amount of stability or long term content. It almost seemed that all this time I spent wanting to never have routine or rituals was actually me trying so hard to define myself through that. Does that make sense? It was as if having structure would define me in a way that I didn’t want to be defined. I wanted to be unique, free and what I thought was ‘me’. I would be the girl that can achieve all her goals without organization, to-do lists or planning; it would just all ‘happen’ for me.


It was when I started my weight-loss journey that I started seeing the true power of rituals and routines. It was the first time I actually started getting into a ‘workout routine’ and it not only changed my life and body but it changed my mind. I found that it was within the borders or routine that my mind could finally stabilize and focus. My anxiety (which plays a huge role in my life) seems to lower to just a simmer when I am in my routines. Who would of known?! I also found that rituals, like with skincare, yoga, crystals, grocery lists, herbs, water, etc held the key to a happy place in my mind that I never knew existed.

Nowadays I am always writing to-do lists, weekly dinner menus, workout routines and outlining creative ideas. I don’t let it become an obsession in my life, instead I see rituals and routines as some of the best tools in my ‘toolbox for life’. There’s weeks where I let everything go and don’t plan anything, those weeks although momentarily feel more ‘exciting’ don’t compare to when I use structure to find balance, peace and better results physically and emotionally.

I don’t know what sparked me to write this but I hope it can help someone who finds that they feel a little too ‘lost’ in life right now. Making self love rituals a part of your life and using healthy routines to meet your goals can be a game changer in your life. So if you feel like you’ve been craving change, starting small with new routines and rituals can result in huge changes.




Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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