The Power of Rituals and Routines


I always disliked structure. For the majority of my 24 years I would do everything possible to avoid anything that was planned, timed, made into lists, routine or structured. Thinking back now, I realize this might of been the rebellious nature of my freedom seeking soul before I found balance. I wanted no borders, no […]

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What I want for year 24


I want to write more personal stuff here. I want to come back to my original plans for this website which was: holistic health, food and most importantly, my mind. A place where my mind can rest its thoughts and think aloud. I have got very used to the negative thinking pattern where I have […]

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Ready? I’ll Never Be Ready/First Post

I am an intense procrastinator. ┬áintense. I bought this website over 8 months ago. I wanted a place where I can share my thoughts, cooking adventures, unprofessional advice and document my own holistic journey. Maybe a place to finally let go of my severe body image issues and just talk about it, which I believe […]

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